We all know how inconvenient and frustrating breakdown can be

At Chillforce, our experienced refrigeration engineers can carry out repairs usually from a first visit, in an efficient and economical manner

Routine Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance can benefit you and your refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Reduce the number and frequency of breakdowns, lower operational costs, smoother operation and extend the life span of your equipment and give you peace of mind. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning filters, also helps to keep electricity costs low!

We currently offer three levels of maintenance:

StandardBasic service and repairs on equipment.
Periodic2 Standard visits per year.
All additional labour and call-outs chargeable.
Comprehensive2 Standard visits per year.
All additional labour and call-outs included.
All spare/replacement parts included.

Get in touch with us to discuss a maintenance plan that’s tailored to suit you and your equipment.

Note that most manufacturers will only uphold warranty claims, and sometimes offer extended warranties, provided that the system has been maintained as per the manufacturer’s guidelines!